Warner Bros.' Histeria!
Premiere dateSeptember 12, 1998
# of episodes52
StudioWarner Bros. Animation
Seasons on Kids' WB!1998-2001

Warner Bros.' Histeria! was a show created by Tom Ruegger for Kids' WB!'s 1998-99 season.

Characters Edit

The Hosts Edit

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Episode list Edit

  1. Inventors
  2. Inventors Hall of Fame
  3. The U.S. Civil War - Part I
  4. The Attack of the Vikings
  5. The Wild West
  6. The American Revolution - Part 1
  7. More Explorers
  8. The Know-It-Alls
  9. The Renaissance
  10. The U.S. Civil War - Part 2
  11. Really Oldies But Goodies
  12. The American Revolution - Part 2
  13. A Blast from the Past
  14. China
  15. Tribute to Tyrants
  16. The Montezuma Show
  17. Loud Kiddington's Ancient History
  18. Great Heroes of France
  19. The Terrible Tudors
  20. The Wheel of History
  21. When Time Collides
  22. Around the World in a Daze
  23. Histeria Satellite TV
  24. General Sherman's Campsite
  25. Return to Rome
  26. Megalomaniacs
  27. The Russian Revolution
  28. The Thomas Jefferson Program
  29. Hooray For Presidents
  30. The Legion of Super Writers
  31. More China
  32. Writers of the Purple Prose
  33. History Of Flight
  34. Presidential People
  35. Histeria Around the World
  36. When America Was Young
  37. Super Amazing Constitutions
  38. Better Living Through Science
  39. The Dawn of Time
  40. Music
  41. World War II
  42. The Teddy Roosevelt Show
  43. Communuts!
  44. Histeria Around the World II
  45. Americana
  46. 20th Century Presidents
  47. France
  48. North America
  49. Histeria! Goes to the Moon
  50. Heroes of Truth and Justice
  51. Euro-Mania
  52. Big Fat Baby Theatre

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Kids' WB! DifferencesEdit

Strangley, Daffy Duck Appeared In This Show For No Reason He's The Former Looney Tunes Star & Current BIG Cartoonie Show Star.

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