Road Rovers
Premiere dateSeptember 6, 1996
# of episodes13
StudioWarner Bros. Animation
GenreAction/Adventure; Comedy
Seasons on Kids' WB!1996-1997

Episode list Edit

  1. Let's Hit the Road (9.6.1996)
  2. Storm From the Pacific (9.14.1996)
  3. A Hair of the Dog That Bit You (9.21.1996)
  4. Where Rovers Dare (10.12.1996)
  5. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (10.26.1996)
  6. The Dog Who Knew Too Much (11.2.1996)
  7. Hunter's Heroes (11.9.1996)
  8. Dawn of the Groomer (11.16.1996)
  9. Still a Few Bugs in the System (11.23.1996)
  10. Reigning Cats and Dogs (2.1.1997)
  11. Gold and Retrievers (2.8.1997)
  12. Take Me To Your Leader (2.15.1997)
  13. A Day in the Life (2.22.1997)

External links Edit

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