During it's lifetime, Kids' WB! had a LOT of bumpers. The ones from 1997-2008 was known as "The Kids' WB Show!" to Jacob Gordy.

Season 1Edit

Season 1 lasted from 1997-2001, and was the best.


During Season 1, they aired Pokémon bumpers including various Pokémon.


They also aired normal bumpers with Kids and WB! together.

Season 2Edit

This time WB! is doing the fun with Kids being the hand.

Season 3Edit

Season 3 included kids playing with the water tower with that has the logo.

Season 4(It's Morphin' Time!)Edit

From 2005 to 2008, The Kids' WB Show got a new look with the logo transforming into something(e.g. a bat, and a /ninja monster, balloon. girl, squid, or alien/fire). the 2005 bumpers were found by the YT user TVDECORDED but there's no bat ones


The Water Tower

The water tower is very loyal to the logo and can sometimes be a joker.

Season 1Edit

In Season 1, the water tower was like the actual WB water tower.

Seasons 2-3Edit

The Seasons 2-3 WB water tower had the Kids' WB logo on it.

Season 4Edit

The Season 4 water tower was a ROBOT. A ROBOT for Pete's sake!


Pikachu was an electric Pokémon that's really loyal to the logo.


They are humans that are as loyal as Pikachu is to the logo.

Bugs BunnyEdit

Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are good friends of the logo. They too are jokers

TBS KidsEdit

TBS Kids is an upcoming block on TBS founded by Jacob Gordy and the branding is also designed by Jacob Gordy in Anim8or with a similar branding to Kids' WB!